Staying in a country as a tourist or moving there for living always entails certain problems. As in any other country, being a foreigner in Turkey is not always easy. For those who want to move to or invest in Turkey, it is necessary first to learn more about the cultural and social environment of this country, because you cannot ignore the fact that the conditions here are quite different than in your country. In order to live in the country you need to be a part of its culture. The faster you learn its customs and traditions, the easier it will be for you to adapt and feel at home here.

If you buy an apartment here, it means that you will certainly have to socialize with your neighbors, which can be both Turkish citizens of from any other country. Anatolian region of Turkey is a plentiful mix of cultures and, at the same time, as elsewhere, two different Turkish citizens can have completely different views on the same situation. In Turkey you will certainly discover a warm and welcoming attitude to you by members of this culture. Our main goal is to help you choose the right path and avoid possible problems in the future.

If you want to buy an apartment in Turkey or particularly in Antalya, we recommend you first of all to learn more about the area where this apartment is located. If you want to buy an apartment in the house which is not yet completed, be sure to inquire about the time when the construction will be completed as well as about the owner of the construction company or the person who is in charge of financing the project, their reputation and financial state. It is also necessary to compare the price of this apartment with other similar ones. And most importantly, you need to ensure that you will be issued an ownership certificate with your name on it along with all other relevant papers confirming your legal purchase of the property. This all has to be done even if the house is not newly constructed, in order to avoid any unexpected problems.

Other difficulties faced by foreigners in Turkey primarily include fraud or theft when speculators skillfully use your being a foreigner and not having specific knowledge about this country in order to cheat you. Such cases of fraud against foreigners have recently increased and occur mainly due to the fact that foreign citizens do not know or are not sufficiently aware of their rights. For whatever reason you are in Turkey, remember that before you buy something or sign any contract you must consult your lawyer. We are always ready to provide you with professional legal assistance in Antalya and everywhere in Turkey.

Av. Samir İsmayilov, Esq, LLM