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Who is Samir Ismayilov?

Born in 1981 in the city of Sheki, Azerbaijan. In 1999 he entered the law faculty of Gazi University Ankara, from which he graduated in 2003. In 2003 he enrolled in the master's degree at the Department of Public Law of the Institute of Social Sciences in Gazi University Ankara.
In 2006 he defended his thesis on the topic "The Right to Life and the role of civil society in protecting the Right to Life" and successfully graduated receiving the LLM Degree.

Since 2006 he has worked in Antalya as a lawyer and a general counsel. Currently he continues his legal practice as a member of the Antalya Bar Association. He speaks Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian and English languages.

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Areas of Specialization

  • Family law problems are among the most painful and disstressing ones. When people who have been living together for many years and sharing a lot, come to the point of separation, it is no wonder that their psychological and mental state is experiencing a crisis period. In this situation it is almost impossible to come to a mutual agreement on such issues as division of property, parenting and expenses. Under these circumstances you should not make any decisions without professional legal assistance.

  • Sometimes a moment of anger or rage, some negligence or mistake can affect your life in the most unpleasant way. Neglecting the situation and not taking necessary actions can negatively testify against you before the prosecutor and the judge, that will lead to the imposition of sentence against you. As a result, you can end up in prison and be required to pay the highest fine that will have the most negative impact on your financial situation and, what's more important, will separate you from your family and loved ones. To avoid such a poor outcome of the situation, you have to contact your lawyer before or immediately after the incident.

  • Your natural right is to manage your long-term savings, without fear of losing them, to live in the house you wanted or make a profit it. That is why before investing in real estate you should always make sure that you are really happy with everything. It is required to make a legal contract stipulating all conditions including the location of the house, the floor, the owner, when and on what conditions it will be handed over to you, etc. For all this you will need a qualified lawyer. We do our work and you can just smile with confidence.

  • The debt collection process in Turkey usually begins with attempts of the lender to make the debtor pay his debt. An unprofessionally acting lender would call the debtor and the debtor would promise he would pay. After 2 weeks the situation repeats itself, and it happens again and again. Then the lender would call a lawyer and this time ask the lawyer to contact the debtor. When the lawyer contacts the debtor it would mean the beginning of the property confiscation process. But this process would not bring any result, as the one who owes you also owes many others. And while you are waiting, the first one to go to court will get his money and you will be left with nothing. Therefore we strongly recommend you to act in a professional way and contact your lawyer on time.

  • You are a foreigner in this country, never forget about it. No matter how well you are familiar with the country, still you do not completely know its culture, society, people, and especially its laws. Something that in your country is not considered a crime, can be a crime here, and what is accepted there may not be accepted here. If you have come to Turkey to be happy here and do not want to experience any trouble and disappointment, first of all you have to trust us.

  • Compensation claims which are familiar to you from American and European movies, and can be also opened here in Turkey. If you have been illegally, intentionally or unintentionally harmed, you must remember that your legal right is to file a compensation claim against these individuals for causing you material and moral damage. And we, in our turn, are ready to offer you qualified, professional help in it.

  • "Administrative" means "state". It is wrong to assume that the state cannot be confronted and that it is impossible to file a lawsuit against it. Administrative law was created by the state in order to protect your rights, and the state itself is also required to follow this law. If the state court refuses to obey the rules established by itself, it is always possible to appeal to the international court, which in its turn is able to sue the state. Do not forget about it. We understand of these procedures and offer you professional legal assistance.

  • No matter if you are an employer or an employee, all are equal before the law. Whoever has stolen will be responsible for this, and everyone has the right to defend their interests.

  • Contract law is not widely known in Turkey, but nevertheless this branch of law determines the beginning and end of a specific period stated in the contract. If you buy something or perform any kind of work, it is necessary in the beginning to make a legal contract in order to be able to file a lawsuit if the results do not meet your expectations. And we are ready to offer you professional legal assistance.